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Andrew and Janine

Every wedding I get to shoot means a lot to me. I feel privileged that someone would ask me to be involved in such an important day of their life. Andrew and Janine made me feel no different; in fact, this one was a little extra special…

I was on holiday two years ago with one of my bestest buddies, his sister and, at the time, her boyfriend. It was a great trip to Orlando in Florida, USA. We went to all the theme parks, hit the malls and visited most of the ‘All you can eat’ restaurants!!!

It wasn’t until the last night that we decided to head to the beach. I had been to Clearwater many years ago with my parents and remembered there were some great seafood places to eat. So, after a ‘good feed’ at Crabby Bills we headed out onto the pier. All four of us were together until Jason and I walked off together to get some photos of the town by night…all very romantic I hear you say…little did we know that further back down the pier, Andrew was getting down on one knee asking Janine for her hand in marriage.
So, as Jason and I walked back we came across Andrew and Janine looking rather happy with themselves…Jason promptly turned to me and said ‘Andrew and Janine have just got engaged!’. I didn’t believe him at first as I had been joking about it all holiday; I continued to fiddle with my camera until Jason said ‘No no, they actually have got engaged’.

So with this, now believed information, I swiftly set up my tripod and took a few shots of the occasion. What an end to a great holiday!

Once we were back home, Andrew and Janine asked me to shoot their wedding for them…that of course was accepted in a heartbeat!

Here are a few shots from the first moments after they got engaged on pier 60 as well as some snaps from the day. The location for the wedding was filled with character and Janine looked stunning!

Be sure to check out the slideshow at the bottom of the page for more images from the day.




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